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Dream of Harmony Preview

Dream of Harmony

Gungnir Preview


Over The Edge Preview

Over The Edge


BRUNCHTIME STUDIO is a team of seven prospective game developers from Berlin. We originally came together as part of a student project and have not been able to keep our hands off further joint projects ever since.

We are united by the strong belief that video games can be more than blunt KPI-driven narcotics in the costume of a medium. We believe in inspiring stories, eye-opening experiences and responsible decisions.


Picture of Hannah Goral

Hannah Goral


Ghibli and Lovecraft; enjoys calming
walks in a forest, coffee and
aesthetics, owns a dog

Picture of Kay Hennig

Kay Hennig


Workaholic, car enthusiast and
most of all self tought gameplay, technical programmer

Picture of Cenk Melzer

Cenk Melzer


Dedicated Counter-Strike player,
loves good adventure games
and punk rock

Picture of Manuel Micel

Manuel Michel

Game Designer

wannabe rockstar, polit nerd,
narrative enthusiast, jealous
of René's description

Picture of René Rittmann

René Rittmann


Enjoys short descriptions and
long walks on the beach.

Picture of Isabel Verheyen

Isabel Verheyen


Ori and the Blind Forest, coffee-Lover,
professional Flunkyball-Player,
wants a dog

Picture of Florian Weiss

Florian Weiss


Aspiring programmer. Enjoys video games,
hiking and beer.

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